Research papers

Deep Learning-Based Forecasting of Groundwater Level Trends in India: Implications for Crop Production and Drinking Water Supply, 2021, Malakar P, Mukherjee A, Bhanja SN, Sarkar S, Saha D, Roy R K. E S & T ENGINEERING, American Chemical Society

Books published

Clean and Sustainable Groundwater in India, Springer Hydrogeology Serise,2018,

Artificial Recharge and Rainwater Harvesting: Issues and Learnings from the Developing Countries- A Monograph of NAM Science and Technology Centre, Published by Springer, 2021-22.

Book Chapters

Exploration driven Groundwater Management Plan for Karst dominated small Isolated Geological Basin of Central Indian Craton. KARST 2018 – Expect the Unexpected, 359-368.

Groundwater Resources and Sustainable Management Issues in India, 2018, p1-11
DOI 10.1007/978-981-10-4552-3

Conference Papers

Groundwater Legislation in India – A critical appraisal- Aqua Cong 2017
Master Plan for water security in MRIU, Faridabad as adaptive measure under climate change- Aqua Cong 2017
Innovative automatic technique of aquifer characterization for groundwater assessment- IGWC 2017

Ground Water Challenges in Development and Management of Basaltic aquifers, Maharashtra NW_INCIAH 2018

Geology and Hydrogeology of Mesoproterozoic Chhattisgarh Basin: A Review-NW_INCIAH 2018

An alternative scheme for aquifer classification of Indian Aquifer System – Compendium-NC_INCIAH 2018

Diminishing runoff and declining groundwater table in and around Aravali ranges of National capital region, India- approaching desertification, 36 IGC, Noida 2019
International Conference on Environmental Challenges and Solutions, 31st January to 2nd February, 2020