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Center For Advance Water Technology & Management

accredited by CGWA, GOI on 1st Oct 2021 for next 5 years

Water is elixir for life on earth. The human civilization initiated and thrived along the water courses. Out of the total water resources in Earth, only 3% is fresh, of which 1% remans in rivers, lakes and swamps, while 30% remains below the surface as ground water. The remaining 69% is locked as glacier and ice cap. India accounts for 18% of world population but holds only 4% of global freshwater resources. Agriculture consumes 78% of total water withdrawal, 8% goes to industry and power, while the remaining 6% is consumed by domestic sector. For sustainable management of water resource, we must relook and reorient the existing practices and governess policies in India.


“Clean water for all, forever”

Effective and judicious management calls for innovations in water sector, application of advanced technologies, capacity building and empowering of all stakeholders, encouraging innovative investment in water sector etc. This prompted MRIIRS to set up the Manav Rachna Centre for Advanced Water Technology and Management with the objectives to aid in effective and sustainable management of India’s water resources through innovation, capacity building and outreach programs.
Manav Rachna Centre for Advance Water Technology & Management (MRCAWTM) was established in 2017 to pursue teaching, research, consultancy and impart training programs in hydrogeology, water resources engineering and management, water quality and collateral environment and ecology issues.

Working Team

Overarching leadership

Dr N C Wadhwa,


ED & Dean Research

Dr Sarita Sachdeva, 

Professor, Biotechnology

Chair Professor

Dr Dipankar Saha, 

Former Member CGWB


Dr Arunangshu Mukherjee,

Professor & Head, ES&E & Former Scientist, CGWB

Deputy Director

Ms Shena Rai,

Assistant Professor, ES&E, FET, MRIIRS


Prof(Dr) Nidhi Didwania

Prof Brijesh Kumar

Dr H S Saini

Research Associates

Sh Sandeep Punia

Alifia Ibkar

Field Research Team

Barmer, Ballabhgarh, Khol-Rewari, Palwal and Panchkula

Major Areas of Work:

Groundwater in Barmer


Central Ground Water Board

Geovale Services

Kisan Sanchar

TERI School of Advanced Studies
NAM Science & Technology Center
Global Hydrogeological Solutions
National Institute of Urban Affairs
Municipal Corporation of Faridabad

Advisory Body

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Er A B Pandya

Secretary General ICID

Sh Sunil Kumar

Chairman CGWB & CGWA

Prof David Polya

Associate Dean of Internationalization, Uni of Manchester, UK

Prof Sekhar Muddu

IISc, Bengaluru

Prof Ashish Pandey

HOD, WRDM Dept, IIT Roorkee

Sh S Marwaha

Member, HRWA

Dr Pawan Labsetwar

Principal Scientist, NEERI NAGPUR

Dr Bhoop Singh

Former Scientist G & Head NRDMS, DST

Sh J K Bhalla

Former Director, GSI