MRCAWTM was established under FET, MRIIRS Faridabad on 13th April 2017 as a Centre of Excellence on outcome of the study conducted for establishing the facts behind the dry out of Badhkhal lake Faridabad. Dr NC Wadhwa, DG, MREI is providing the overall leadership to MRCAWTM. Dr Dipankar Saha was appointed as the present Chair Professor of MRCAWTM on 14th April 2021 after demise of the first and founder Chair Professor Dr D K Chadha. Dr Arunangshu Mukherjee is working as the Director, MRCAWTM. The Center is a team of multidisciplinary professionals providing real time solutions to challenges in water domain.

MRCAWTM is having five field research units, one each at Barmer, Ballabhgarh, Khol-Rewari, Palwal and Panchkula where two to ten field specialists are working. MRCAWTM in its short period of journey of 5yrs, has been able to achieve significant milestones in the form of projects obtained, executed, and completed. So far 8 projects have been successfully completed between June 2018 and June 2021 of worth ~Rs2.0 Cr. Further, 11 more projects of Rs 11.31 Cr are in progress as on 31 st July 2022. MRCAWTM is working for its vision of clean water for all forever.

The major area of work includes 1. R&D Studies, 2. Technical Interventions, 3. Training and Capacity Building, 4. Outreach programs, 5. Product and Innovation. The Center has also established linkage with various Governmental, academic, and non- Governmental agencies through MoUs. MRCAWTM has been able to achieve Accreditation of CGWA, GOI on 1st Oct 2021 for next 5 years. MRCAWTM has grabbed the Aqua Foundation Excellence Award, 2017 under the category of Institutional Excellence in Resource Management. The faculties of Center have published research papers in National and International Scientific Journals and written Books and Book chapters of reputed publishers.
With the vision to ensure ‘Clean water for all forever’, the Centre, in its capacity would adopt the following missions, which in turn, would guide its priorities, program and activities.
1. Towards a sustainable development and management of water resources through planning and involvement of stake holders and also caring environment and ecology.
2. To enhance the quality of life by ensuring water security for all sectors of society by providing necessary research and technology inputs, for different climatic zones. 
3. Enabling people and organizations to become self-sufficient of their water requirement by offering ‘an effective solution on total water management’.
4. Tackle water challenges of a rapidly changing world where competing demands for different social sectors exist and also development of water in conjunction with environment and ecosystem.
5. Addressing R&D needs of water infrastructure development through a holistic approach on a multi-disciplinary platform.
6. Imparting training and helping in capacity building in water sector.